1. lost in the supermarket / 2014


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    ca. 1917. “Lincoln Memorial with marsh in foreground.” National Photo Company Collection, Library of Congress.

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    i got a new cam cam today 8)

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    Sober- Childish Gambino

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  5. Jack Nicholson at the 1992 Olympics.

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    Nick Blinko

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  7. ryannolenlowry:

    Hi. My book Two Years is now available for sale online. 

    Most orders will ship starting October 1st when I am back from the NY Art Book Fair. 

    Pick up the book at www.ryanlowry.bigcartel.com or at the Fourteen-Nineteen table at the NY Art Book Fair at PS1. 

    I am also having a small book release at Front Room, on October 17th, located at 1839 w. Thomas #3 Chicago IL 60622. Hope to see you there, I’ll post more about that later.


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  10. zach-snyd:

    Crazy Spirit - Philly - 9/5/14

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    how sick is it that Jonah recorded this though

    Didn’t know that. This ep rips.


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  13. ryannolenlowry:

    The moon tonight. 


  14. mattfromzp:

    Zero Progress. Last Bay Area show. September 5th, 2014 @ Thee Parkside in San Francisco. Photo: Matt Gill.