1. eugeneterry:

    old Crazy Spirit graf nyc

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  2. hudscum:

    Threw two of my stippled drawings together

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    untitled by Lucas DeShazer on Flickr.

    mine is hotteR!!! the fucvk !

    shut up jesper

    I rly cared abt notes

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  4. naprasno:

    the next time you’ll feel that you’re ugly, unappreciated and hopeless - just remember you’re also dumb.

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  5. /the truth is out there/



  7. matthewetorres:

    New Order at the Glastonbury Festival 1987 C/S

    I just put up a very limited amounts of this cassette that I made over the last few weeks. I’ll be sending/making these tapes when I get back from SD this weekend, check it out.

    "In this first release of live tapes from my father’s personal collection. We bring you, New Order at the Glastonbury Festival 1987 in England. The set is roughly 30 minutes of full power that this band wheels out in just a few songs. This recording hasn’t been touched in over 20 years and hasn’t been put out on a physical format since then as well. Look out for more releases because we have more live tapes coming soon….."


    Matt does cool shit, give him your money!


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  11. littlesasha:

    Thee Nodes at Loudhouse

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  12. Just saw someone roller blading in a harms way shirt.

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  13. shotbycesar:

    Hidden Stairs
    Los Angeles, California. August 2013.
    ©2013, César Ambriz. All Rights Reserved.

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  14. victoriaczerniawska:

    Gag @ Hard Luck Bar NDY 2013

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  15. anticrap:

    AARON GOURE, just found out that he can sign himzelf out of high school

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